Why Wine?

We’ve heard the health benefits, the flavor profiles and yes, it does pair very nicely with food. But of all the spirits to choose from, why wine? Most merely respect this fermentation phenomenon for what it is, but others are just downright obsessed. (We know the feeling).
So what drives this obsession? Let’s dig deeper into the history of this glorious elixir as we uncover the secrets behind one of the world’s most sought after spirits.
The Origins of Wine

The earliest evidence of a grape-based fermented drink was found in China (c. 7000 BC), and the earliest evidence of wine in Georgia (the country, not the state) from 6000 BC, Iran from 5000 BC, and Sicily from 4000 BC.

The oldest known winery was found in Armenia and is approximately 61000 years old.

Why is Wine so Powerful?
Okay, so it’s old. Jesus drank wine, for Heaven’s sake (literally). But Christians aren’t the only ones aboard this wine worshiping wagon. From the ancient Greeks to the ancient Egyptians, Wine has played a huge part in religious practices across the world, and is a symbol of great power for many different cultures. Maybe because it’s just so darn tasty!
Why Do We Love Wine?

Besides the obvious, “We own a winery.” answer.

Our love of wine started early on, and grew to become an honest obsession. Each of our team members have their own backgrounds concerning the wine industry (you can read their bios under the”Our Story” page). But when Seth Gersch, Alisa Gean, MD, Bill Boykin and Keith Hargrove got together, they each added their own flair to the winemaking business. With the collaboration of each of their creative minds, they were able to land on one consistent message: Sell high-quality Napa Valley wines for a reasonable price. From this amazing partnership, Hindsight Vineyards was created. It began as a side project for Seth and Alisa, growing vines on their small Napa Valley property (only by comparison to their multi-million dollar winery neighbors) and eventually grew to become the amazing boutique vineyard it is today, with a worldwide distribution platform and retailers across the United States and Canada.

What Makes Hindsight Special?

Remember those multi-million dollar winery neighbors? They take advantage of the highly marketable location, their household brand names, and high-end retailers to sell wines at the most expensive price possible. At Hindsight, we strive to produce incredible Napa Valley wines at the affordable prices they should be. With a responsible, cost-saving production process, Hindsight Vineyards is able to sell the highest quality Napa Valley wines for a very reasonable price.

So there you have it, our wine affair in a nutshell. Shared with Greek gods, ancient Egyptians, and also the OG wine enthusiast, Jesus. Our affection for this burgundy, sweet liquid runs deep and is ever-strengthening as our journey through the wine world continues on, one sip at a time.

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