Extraordinary Wine at an Unbeatable Price

Hindsight Vineyards represents an ambitious dream set in motion a decade ago to create world-class, yet reasonably priced Napa Valley wines.

As a small boutique wine producer, we strive to create sustainably produced, hand-crafted, extraordinary wines at a reasonable price. We believe all wine lovers should have the opportunity to experience Napa Valley’s finest wines without breaking the bank.

The Napa Valley soil and climate offers the perfect grape-growing conditions and produces arguably the best, and therefore the most expensive grapes in the United States.

We are always so pleased to hear from our customers who tell us how much they enjoy our wines. We are committed to delivering the absolute best value in Napa Valley wine and we truly hope you enjoy them.

Cheers, salute, a votre santé, salud, prost, prosit, etc!

Meet The Team

Seth Gersch

Owner, Managing Director

Alisa Gean, MD

Owner, Sommelier


William S. Boykin

Owner, National Sales Manager


Michael Weis